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Models for Management ® (MFM) is a comprehensive management training and leadership development process consisting of six modules with customizable learning and delivery methods. 

Based on empirically validated research, MFM provides an integrated process of awareness,
measurement, and transformational learning processes, designed to accomplish one thing -  to help managers become High Achieving Leaders.

Achieving Leader Research

MFM is based on over 30 years of cumulative research in the area of effective managerial and leadership behaviors. Using a 20.jpg database of thousands of leaders across many industries, our research is based on solid behavioral science, not armchair anecdotes or selective case studies. The research creates a competency-based model of the common philosophies, beliefs, practices, and managerial behaviors employed by High Achieving Leaders.  These leaders were most highly valued by their respective companies as indicated by higher than average promotion rates.  Why?  Because they get better results than their lesser achieving colleagues!

How do you or your team compare to the benchmark of High Achieving Leaders?

The study proves effective leadership is not accidental. There is a model for effective leadership that exists and it can be modeled by others.

Summary of The Achieving Leader Study

THE RESULTS ARE ASTONISHING! The top achievers do indeed exhibit consistent managerial  and leadership behaviors and characteristics across all aspects tested. These leaders create an environment of involvement, commitment, and creativity that propel their teams to new heights of achievement.

question.jpg How do they do it and what do they all have in common?

Using the Achieving Manager as a Leadership Benchmark, Models for Management employs a proven effective development process that allows participants the opportunity to observe, experience, learn, model and practice the effective behaviors of High Achieving Leaders while assessing their own behaviors against the benchmark. The model of the High Achieving Leader becomes the benchmark for personal and organizational development.